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The Viewing Room

T Shirt Design by - HorsefaceDee

Hey guys! The new owner is about to come in. Let’s welcome the guy, okay?

“Hi there Steve!”

“Who-who was that? Who said that?”

“Up here buddy!”

“It sounds like you’re up there in the lights. Oh, I get it. This is a joke, right? Did someone put a radio up there? I know the realtor tried to say this house was haunted or something, but I’m not falling for that.”

“Of course the house isn’t haunted, that would be silly! There are just some of us who want to introduce ourselves [...]

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[...] We’re just as pleased as can be that we have a new owner, isn’t that right guys?”

“Yeah!” “Wait a minute that sounded like it came from all around me. How many of you are there in on this prank and how many radios do you have? Look, I’m not fooled by the attempts to freak me out okay? Trust me, I just need another second and I’ll find where you hid those radios. One of them is probably up there in the lights by those little eyes…up…there… Spooky effect you’ve got going on there. It almost looks like the eyes are moving and looking right…at…me…”

“I’m actually called Candelabra. These are my brothers and sisters up here with me. Now that you’re looking at me I just wanted to say hello again and let you know how happy we all are to have you here with us.”

“Oh man oh man oh man...”

“It looks like you’ve already met Couch and his cousins the Cushion brothers.”

“Hey, how’s it going buddy? Sit on anyone I know? And, not that it’s any of my business, but have you thought about losing a little weight?”

“BwaaaH! No, no, no, no, no! You did not just talk to me either couch!”

“Oh, and since I, the Candelabra, have duty as official greeter of the house, I’d like to also introduce you to Lamp, Table, and Umbrella and…well…truthfully there are just so many of us it’s hard to keep up. But don’t worry! You’ll get to know us all over time. In fact, Clock over there will be able to help you keep track of time.”


“Aw, why did he run out the front door like that? He seemed nice enough. Not like that last guy. He didn’t stop screaming when Lamp turned on the light for him. Speaking of about him, I wonder if those men in the nice white coats are going to bring him back soon for a visit?”

Keep this t shirt on if: You don’t like throwing things away because it might hurt its feelings.

Forget about it if: You feel like the pictures in your home are watching you and judging your every action.

Sizes Available: Mens - S, M, L, XL, XXL
                             Womens - S, M, L, XL
                             Teens - 12, 14, 16, 18

Colour: Wallpaper beige

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bluejester : : Fri 25 May, 2012
If only these walls could talk. Oh wait, they can! And they're plenty mad about all the nails in them.

wizardofaus : : Fri 25 May, 2012

bluejester said: If only these walls could talk. Oh wait, they can! And they're plenty mad about all the nails in them.

What about the carpet. Do you think he likes being walked upon all day long... dont even get me startd on the sofa seat.

SoyaSauce : : Fri 25 May, 2012
Hahahaha!! That's such a funny design..its grt hw every single object in the room has eyes!

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bluejester is the first person to realize what a great t shirt this is!! He bought it at 10.09 am
This t shirt has been designed by HorsefaceDee from Canada
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