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Captainkyso's Bag of Adventure

T Shirt Design by - kysocrew

Behold the great day of celebration and adventure! International T Shirt Day is here!

“What adventure is this Captain," you may find yourself asking. Fear not followers, Captainkyso shall break down the basics for you.

You send us money by hitting the “I want one” button and selecting the size that you want! Pretty awesome, right?

Wait, I’m sorry, I’ve just been informed by my legion of wise, old butlers that there’s more to this deal. You send us money, and then we send you shirts. You do that already you say? Well, this is no ordinary sale, just as Captainkyso is no ordinary site. Here is where you get a [...]

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[...] chance to be as bold, daring, and a bit, shall we say… adventurous, as the Captain himself.

For the great low price listed above the "I want one" button you will become the proud owner of an adventure bag! Within this bag will be three random shirt designs pulled from our gallery or archive of designs. Oh sure, you could send an email and say what you would like to see in your bag. Perhaps your requests will be listened to, but what fun would that be? Where is the excitement in having things all laid out for you? Wouldn’t you rather tell all your friends how bold of a decision you made? After all, no matter what ends up in your ‘Adventure Bag,’ it will be an awesome design.

Perhaps though, not knowing what designs you will get is a little too overwhelming? “Captain” you say nervously, “I love your shirts, but I just don’t know if I’m quite ready to take such a fearless step into the unknown.” The good Captain understands if you feel the need to play it safe when it comes to your apparel. He feels a similar such need when it comes to wearing pants. Sometimes you just expect certain clothes to be there when you look down.

Each bag an adventure! Each shirt a uniquely crafted piece of wearable art! Hit the “I want one” button and take the plunge! Will the Captain hear your mortal cries for help getting the design you want? Will he lend an ear to your pleas for certain shirt designs? Or will your cries for tee shirt mercy fall upon the deaf ears of indifference? Will today be the day that you take that decisive step to live a life of adventure? Or will it be another day of playing it safe while getting exactly what you want? The choice is yours!

Go for this bag: If you know that a life well lived is full of excitement, risks, and plenty of awesome shirts.

Forget about it if: You like things laid out nice and neat, just how you would expect.

Sizes Available: Mens - S, M, L, XL, XXL
                             Womens - S, M, L, XL
                             Teens - 12, 14, 16, 18

Disclaimer: This cannot be combined with any other existing offers.

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kysocrew : : Thu 21 Jun, 2012

techaryan said: wts d bag of adventure??? i didn't undrstood?

Buy a bag of adventure and select the size you want the t shirts in. you will get 3 random t shirts in that bag for the great low price

martycrust : : Thu 21 Jun, 2012
Heyy...what if I get a tee I already have?

kysocrew : : Thu 21 Jun, 2012

techaryan said: wts d bag of adventure??? i didn't undrstood?

Also read the write up on the left hand side of this page to know more details.

  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • 2XL
  • 3XL
  • WS
  • WM
  • WL
  • WXL
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Grisca is the first person to realize what a great t shirt this is!! He bought it at 10.31 am
This t shirt has been designed by kysocrew from India
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